Daily Event Mission

Event Timings

[+0800 GMT]

Event Time Type
Joaquin Barrier (Siege) 2.00pm max 10 players
Gold 4.00pm max 10 players
Team Arena (MCC3) 8.00pm 3v3(min) to 10v10(max) (3 Chars)
Invasion 10.00pm
Team Arena (MCC1) 11.00pm 3v3(min) to 10v10(max) (1 char)
Occupation 12.00am
Infiltration 1.00am
Joaquin Barrier (Defense) 2.00am

Event Mission: Joaquin Barrier (Siege)

Time: 1400hrs
Take down 5 Red Colonies and a boss in a hard-hitting seige. Gather your power and slash your way through waves of monsters to claim your treasure chests!

Event Mission: Gold

Time: 1600hrs
Protect your colony from waves of monsters. First wave throws 4 mini-bosses your way. Wave two spawns a horde of Treasure Mermen. Use detection on the Mermen in order to summon the mission boss. Defeat the mission boss and a Red Colony will appear at the end of a hallway. Destroy it and choose one of the treasure chests for your reward.

Event Mission: Team Arena (MCC3)

Time: 2000hrs
Yellow Team at one end of a corridor filled map, Blue Team at the other end. Advance to the other base, killing monsters and making your team stronger. Each player has a full team of three characters. Take the other base and win. Read more on Team Arena here.

Event Mission: Invasion

Time: 2200hrs
Granado Espada’s take on Tower Defense. Defend your colony from waves of monsters and accumulate points for every kill. Head over to the Point Shop to purchase boosts such as Colony Health, random buffs for everyone, turrets, mercenary soldiers and even monster extermination.

Event Mission: Team Arena (MCC1)

Time: 2300hrs
A simplified version of the Team Arena (MCC3). You can only use 1 character to participate in this mission. All monsters in weakened by 50% and buffs sold at 50% discount. Read more on Team Arena here.

Event Mission: Occupation

Time: 0000hrs
Plow through trap formations, defeat Dr. Fran Mothein and destroy the enemy colony.

Event Mission: Infiltration

Time: 0100hrs
Make your way to the center of a Prison to face the powerful Diablo. Each room contains a new wave of uglies just waiting for you.

Event Mission: Joaquin Barrier (Defense)

Time: 0200hrs
Defend the Joaquin Base against an endless onslaught of monsters.

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