V2.9.1 Patch Notes

Garim Nest Changes

a. There’s a probability that Montoro will appear instead of Garim as the boss of Garim Nest
b. A Mysterious Box will appear after the boss of Garim Nest is defeated

Addition of [GM] Event Zone

Bellem Box Renewal

a. Bellem Box will be sold at the Tool Shops in Cities for 10,000 Vis each
b. Loot table for Bellem Box has been changed

Soho Additional Quest

Colony Buff Changes

a. Colony buff will be disabled for all colony holders once Colony War started and will be enabled once Colony War is over
b. Colony buff will be disabled in zones such as Super Fight and Royal Rumble
c. Warp function is removed from Colony Managers in all maps

Addition of RNPC Recruitment Guide

a. A NPC in Cite de Reboldoeux will provides explanations to the ability and background info of the various NPCs in town

Addition of MCC Quest Guide

Addition of AR and DR Indications on Items

a. Base AR/DR of the equipment + AR/DR from enhanced item is displayed in the item tooltip

Addition of Mini-map Navigation

a. Open the mini-map and click on a location to move there automatically.

Addition of Inventory Filtering

Bot reporting system restriction in special zones

a. Bot reporting is restricted when the following monsters appeared
i. Dilos Latemn
ii. Treasure Golem
iii. Chimera
iv. Ravyn the Unholy’s Heart
v. Hellbreaker
vi. Uraeus
vii. Sekhment
viii. Argus Mind
ix. Vergo the Cursed
x. Griffon
xi. Lava Leaf
xii. Novia
xiii. Einwind

Addition of Premium Item Mall Shortcut Button

a. Players are now able to access the Premium Mall directly from the UI and main menu
b. Players are now able to receive premium items directly from the UI and main menu
c. Players will be unable to control their characters while the above functions are being used. However they will still receive damage

Election Reward Changes

a. Republican: 3 Sword of Freedom (30 days) with the same stats as Devil Wings
b. Royalist: 3 Shield of Peace (30 days) with the same stats as Devil Wings

Addition of Pioneer Equipment Acquisition Quest

a. Lyndon will give a quest for new families to obtain a free Pioneer Equipment.

Ring Box Renewal

a. Increase chances of obtaining more useful rings from the ring box

Recovery Pose Changes

a. Recovery poses changed from ‘Standing’ and ‘Lifting Weapons’ to ‘Sitting on a Chair’, ‘Praying’, ‘Arm-Pillow’ and ‘Sitting on the Floor”

Addition of Barrack Slots Expansion Tip

a. Barrack slot expansion guide added in barrack

Bullet Charger Price Changes

Addition of New Pose

a. New Bowing Pose has been added

Summoned Monsters Changes

a. Affected summons, Grim Reaper, Bear Walker
b. DEF of summon = Basic DEF + summoner DEF * 2/5
c. RES of summon = Basic RES + summoner RES * 2/5

UI Skin Changes

Changes to Microphone & Megaphone System

a. Removal of microphone & megaphone from NPC
b. Addition of microphone & megaphone to Premium Item Shop
c. Addition of microphone & megaphone to Feso Shop

Addition of Cinderella Equipment Quest Part 1

Time base equipments to be obtained by completing quest in Ancient Skullic Nest (Ancient Territory)

a. Time based equipment to be obtained by completing quest in Ancient Skullic Nest
b. The equipment can only be used for 12 hours and will disappear after 12 hours
c. Players are able to enchant and enhance the equipment
d. The equipments cannot be traded, dropped or sold to NPC

Addition of Secret Guard System

a. Allows a Family Level 10 and above family to guard a Family below Family Level 10

Addition of Market Tax NPC

a. NPC has been added to give away the market tax after colony war has ended
b. If the tax is not collected before the next colony war, the previous tax will be removed

Addition of Pet System Update 1

a. Recruitment quest for Pilfurr added

Addition of Premium Treasure Chest Package

a. Players will receive a random premium items upon purchasing the package everyday when they login for 30 days.
b. If player didn’t login for 1 day, the item for that day will be forfeited

Premium Shop Changes

a. Cockatrice Costume has been added
b. Pet Package has been added
c. 30 days costume has been added
d. Mysterious Key has been added

Addition of Feso Shop

Addition of RNPC Calyce

Removal of 30 day combat manual from premium item mall

Reason: Due to the 2X EXP rate event that is still ongoing, this item has been removed by IMC for the time being, until further notice.

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